Snow Snow Snow

Kelly and I returned to our favorite mountain, Breckenridge a few days ago and apparently we brought the snow with us. The first day started off with a few inches and then it ramped up from there with us hitting Peak 7 on Friday for EPIC CONDITIONS.

A Great Way to Start Out

Day 1 we hit the slopes full of smiles! Conditions were much better than they had been and we were excited to be back on the mountain after a 3 year break.

Day 2

Awesome Bluebird day on Peak 9 with great friends. Found some nice tree runs and decent powder to keep us all smiling….just like Martina (Opposite).

Buried in Powder!

Day 3 brought the most powder we have ever seen……12″ and still falling! We parked in town and rode the free gondola to peak 7 where we couldn’t believe how much powder we saw. We jumped on the lift all giddy with anticipation and headed to the top. Peak 7 is our favorite peak and we jumped right into Monti Cristo, one of our favorite Blues.  At times I was riding Knee deep!


The first 3 days have been nothing short of amazing here at Breckenridge. 

Why aren’t you here?

What are you waiting for?

Epic Pass to fun!


Check out our highlight videos so far:

Opening Day

Days 2 & 3 (More Crashes)

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