Countless people dream of quitting their job to leave the everyday routine behind to travel the world. We decided to make our dream come true. No one is guaranteed tomorrow yet alone retirement.  It was heartbreaking to keep  hearing about a spouse dying before couples were able to retire, or when they were able to retire their health kept them from traveling. And they never got to live their dream. This hit home especially since my husband is 10 years my senior. I want to enjoy life with him now. There’s lots of reasons to wait, but if I wait too long, my chance to travel could disappear if a tragedy or illness strikes.

I was noticing I was becoming a weekend warrior due to working long hours at the hospital and sitting in traffic. Waking up at 4am and getting home at 6pm was slowly killing me everyday. I no longer had the time or the energy to hike or bike after work due to 10 hour work days and an 1 hour commute home. Once I was home I didn’t want to fight traffic again to go hike or mountain bike. This resulted in gaining weight and not being in shape, which made my outdoor activities and life less enjoyable. Everything that made me happy was being neglected.

In addition I was constantly working hard for the next vacation. I was in the rat race and losing badly. I saved my vacation time and money so I could go on amazing adventures with my husband. We would go for 10 days non-stop; hiking, biking, kayaking  and then come home happily exhausted to return to the hustle and bustle of work. We needed a vacation from our vacation. As soon as we got back we were planning the next vacation, this got old. Why are we doing this to ourselves? We didn’t have an answer. It was this aha moment that changed our life.

We realized our current lifestyle was not making us happy. We wanted more out of life. I was a successful nurse manager and him a successful business owner, however we didn’t want our careers to be our life. We wanted to be happy, healthy, and well traveled. We desired to experience many cultures and countries and share our travels with the world. After much discussion and planning we decided to sell everything; the house, business, cars, and all our worldly possessions that we would not be taking in our new home, the sprinter van. This was a job within itself, trying to sell everything, emotions had to put aside.

May 15th was my last day of work. I have no regrets. Everyday I  go to bed and wake-up with my husband when our bodies our ready, not when an alarm jolts us awake. The choices we have are to hike, bike, kayak, or engage in another activity. We drink coffee together every morning while enjoying the stunning views from our campsite. This is not to say this lifestyle does not pose challenges, however the challenge is where to camp, how long should we stay in one place, and where is the nearest Sprinter mechanic. We have set a budget and stick very close to it, although you will always have those surprise costs like new tires after 15,000 miles. We cook most of the time and still enjoy craft beer, rarely eating out. We love to cook and feel better when the food comes from our own kitchen. It has been 11 months since we began our adventure and it is amazing how little you can live on and be happy. We are working on making our adventure blog, Get Some Adventures our business and new life path. So, at age 34 I am enjoying life with my husband and looking forward to every day instead of just the weekend.

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