Durango has developed a strong craft beer scene over the years, largely propelled by an impressive group of breweries opening in this bustling outdoorsy Colorado town.The one that stands out among them all is Ska Brewing, a music-inspired brewery that just wants you to drink craft beer and be happy  Do you like to drink delicious craft beer and be happy? Then here is 11 reasons why you should visit Ska Brewing during your Durango Adventure.

Ska Brewing canning

1) They Can their Beer: All Ska Brewing 12oz beers are now entirely in cans. They are the second craft brewery in the country to do so. Cans go more places for outdoor adventures and they pack easier and lighter. Don’t fret they still have 22 oz bombers of Robust Reincarnations and limited edition beers.

2) Beer Garden: Featuring Live Music and The Container of Food. The Container of Food is open M-F 11am-8pm and 11am-7pm Sat & Sun. This delicious food is cooked in repurposed shipping containers attached to the brewery. They serve brick oven pizza, gourmet sandwiches, salads, and snacks. Click here for their complete menu. We had the chicken pesto pizza and the grilled chicken sandwich with yes bacon jam, both were absolutely mouth wateringly delicious. Om Thursdays there is beer and music.

3) They brewed Colorado’s first certified all Colorado Ale: Hop Ivy, was entirely made with all Colorado ingredients and the first to reach Platinum Certification status. They proudly support local farmers and their local economy. The beer is a light, crisp, and refreshing Pale Ale, go try it.


Ska Brewing taste flight
the container of food pizza

4) Environmental Friendly: Powered by 100 % wind this brewery used recycled blue jeans for its walls, the bar-tops and tables are made from old bowling alleys, and their spent grain, yeast, and hops are used for. our spent malt, hops and yeast  gets picked up daily by 6 local farmers. They in turn use it as feed for cattle, elk and pigs. It’s a great system for them to obtain free feed and great for us to have a sustainable way to dispose of ingredient by-products They also use solar lighting and recycle process waste streams like water and heat.

5) Exclusive Small Batch Recipes at Brewery ONLY: As a craft beer lover, special small batch releases are exciting and eagerly anticipated. The inventive styles available from their creations will keep us craft beer lovers coming back to try the specialty beers. We had the Smoked Porter on Nitro, it was deliciously smooth and well balanced.


Crowler Ska Brewing

6) Daily Specials: Every day of the week they have a deal. They offer deals on pints, growler and crowler fills, and cans. Monday’s they have yoga and a pint for $10, that is a steal! Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday they have a special cask tapping. Thursdays are BBQ and music with pint and can specials. Call or stop in to find out their specials for the week.

7) Crowlers: They do Crowlers, super exciting. You can choose any of their 14 + draft beer to take home or on an adventure in a 32oz aluminum can. The cost is $7 for main lines and $10 for big beers! We got their Estival Cream Stout in a crowler because it was delicious and was only sold in a 22oz bottle. No glass in the van.

8) Best Brewery Staff: The brewery staff at Ska brewing makes you want to want to drink and support the brewery. They are friendly, informative, respectful, and helpful. They know their beer and are passionate about it. We had so much fun talking about beer, adventures, and living in a van.

Ska Brewing tour

 9) Brewery Tours: Everyday at 4pm they offer a brewery tour. We did the tour and wow it was so innovative and intriguing. We saw the canning machine, the bottle machine, the new small batch system and learned about the history of the brewery.

10) Official beer for the RACE Across America: That says it all right there. As there is no better way to celebrate a race then with delicious high quality craft beer.

11) Special Events: All throughout the year Ska Brewing has seasonal beer release parties, anniversary celebrations, local event limited release beer parties, beer week events, and other FUN craft beer inspired celebrations. Click here for current Special Events.

Ska Brewing
225 Girard Street
Durango, CO 81303


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