We know there are many more amazing places to ride and we want to go there. Pisgah and Dupont, Chattanooga TN, Copper Harbor MI, Marquette MI, Oakridge, OR, Roanoke, VA and Sedona AZ are a few on the list. We just started mountain biking a little over 2 years ago when we started vanlife. I am an intermediate rider and my husband is advanced. So the adventure has just begun!!!!!


1. Moab Utah

We have been to Moab twice to mountain bike and love it. The slick rock is one of the coolest terrains to bike on. The breathtaking views are non-stop on every ride. The views and riding were so good we hardly stopped to take photos. We have even done a bike and jet boat tour which was awesome. For more info check out our Moab destination Guide.


2. Bellingham, Washington

The trail system the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition has built is quite a treat. Galbraith has everything from drops, gaps, and jumps to cross county. They have great wooden features too. Don’t worry they all have ride arounds so you can pre-ride the ride. Here is a video we did. They too have a great craft beer scene. Melvin Brewing is one of our favorite.


3. Salt Lake City, Utah

The Epic ride on the Wasatch Crest Trail. We shuttled to the top and still had to climb Puke Hill. This beautiful cross country trail provided endless fun, great riding, challenging terrain, and beautiful views. Definitely would ride again.

4. Fruita, Colorado

18 roads is such a cool place to ride. You can base out the campground right there and just ride endless laps. The views are great and the trails are a blast. Not too far away are the Kokopelli Trails. There are some great loops to ride and test your balance.

5. East Burke, VT

There are over 100 miles of privately owned trails making up the “Kingdom”.  You will enjoy miles of technical and flowing trails that boast heart thumping climbs with awesome vistas followed by the sweet reward of fast, twisty, bermed downhills. We found a great campground and pizza place too. You can end your ride with a beer at Mike’s Tiki Bar!



6. Curt Gowdy – Cheyenne, WY

We happened to discover an amazing hidden secret in WY. Curt Gowdy State park. It was like a mountain bike playground. There was CC, rock features, and beautiful scenery. To see why you should ride here watch the video of Curt Gowdy. There is camping, showers, and a lake to kayak or SUP to after your ride.

7. Hurricane, Utah

We came upon this gem when we saw their mountain bike festival being advertised. The mountain biking here is spectacular. The backdrop is Zion National Park. If you want slick rock there is Holy Guacamole, Gooseberry Mesa, and Little Creek. If you are looking for a little of dirt and rock there is Jem and other amazing trails. The Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival was a blast with great food, music, ride, demos, and prizes.


8. Mullbery Gap – Ellijay, Georgia

The North Georgia Mountain are a gorgeous place especially in the Spring and Fall. They offer great forest rides with big trees, water feature and great cross county rides.  Among some of the great trails are Jake and Bull, the Pinhotis, Bear Creek and Mountaintown, To make it the perfect weekend of riding, beer, food, and camping stay at Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Getaway. Oh they have hot tubs and showers too!

9. Bend, Oregon

To us Bend is the Asheville of the west. It has amazing craft beer and mountain biking. It has great cross country in the forest with beautiful scenery. You can ride from town to Phil’s Trails or use Cog Wild to grab a shuttle for an a 1 day or overnight Epic Ride. We did the Mckenzie River Trail this year it was quite an experience riding on volcanic rock.

10. Florida

My family lives in Florida and this prompted us to go out and try the trails. Don’t knock it until you tried it. Santos in Ocala Fl and Balm Boyette and Alafia by Tampa are not for the faint of heart. There are some wooden features that will give you the pucker factor. The climbs are short and punchy and the alligators are cheering you on swamp side. The trails are fast and flowy providing you with great riding to cure the winter blues. Check out our Florida Mountain Biking guide to see what there is to ride. There is more great riding by Miami but we have not made it that far south.

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