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How to Survive a Foreign Road Trip

A road trip is one of the most exciting ways to travel. The freedom of the open road beckons you to explore and discover some hidden treasures, all at a low cost as well as at your own pace. It’s important, though, to be aware of the risks that come alongside a road...

Life on the Road Isn’t all Fun and Games, is it really Worth It?

When you hear of someone traveling the world in a van and all the adventures they are having you instantly think “Wow, they are Living the Dream!” You then most likely compare one of your fondest vacations to your regular work week and say “I wish I could just travel...

Why is Everyone So Obsessed with Zorbing?

Are you looking for an adventure unlike anything you ever done? Then you better head to the north islands adventure hotspot, Rotorua. It is where you can roll down a massive hill in a large inflatable ball sliding around in endless fun. Zorbing can only be done in...

The Secrets of How to See the World for a Living

An Awe-Inspiring Life on the Road Life on the road is pretty freaking awesome! We’ve seen more in the last year than we would have seen in 10 years of regular vacations. Van life and RV living is a much larger culture than you think it is. If you ask most people they...

The Right Way to Easily Lose Weight

Loosing weight is one of America’s biggest issues. Everyone is trying to sell you this fad diet or that empty promise and people want a quick fix.  There is no “Magic Answer” and if you want one look elsewhere where someone will lie to you and tell you what you want...


Snakes instill an intense fear in people. It is the fear of a snake striking, then sinking their fangs into your skin and injecting their poisonous venom. As extreme panic overtakes the body the thought now what do I do overtakes your mind? Snake bites are often not...

Do You Think Selling Everything to Live in a Van is a Midlife Crisis?

To be honest…….I don’t know What defines a midlife crisis?  Most people say it’s realizing your life isn’t where you wanted it to be, and/or that you have realized you have a limited amount of time left on this planet before you die.  What if you wake up every day to...

Fascinating Survival Information People Need to Know

One of the biggest dangers posed to outdoor adventurers is not the wildlife it is the silent killer, hypothermia. Most do not plan for freezing to death as they plan for their hike, ride, or kayak trip. However it is a real concern you need to take seriously and not...

The Nightmare Travel Mistake You’ll Never Make Again

My husband and I had been planning this trip for over a year.  It would be the greatest adventure we had ever gone on, a 3 week trip to New Zealand!  As planners who leave little to chance our adventure began as Murphy’s Law took over and we made a classic...

Finding your way along the highway

We have all traveled along interstates and decided we needed to stop for lunch, a grocery store or something else.  We roll down the highway reading those little signs at each exit and then try to make a split second decision if we want to pull off or not. With this...
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