Cathedral Cove

A short 2 hours from Auckland is one of New Zealand most spectacular DOC coast lines. You can enjoy this gift of nature by a short hike to one of the coves, snorkeling or take a kayak tour and experience it from a completely different perspective.

As we were already running a few days behind schedule due to  bike issues we opted for the hiking option. This also gave me the opportunity to get my first New Zealand drone shots! There are 3 coves you can hike to and explore, the last 2 being connected by a magnificent archway tunnel formed by the tides crashing into the coastline. If snorkeling is your thing you can take a dip into Gemstone Bay and see what treasures await. The water along the entire coast is crystal clear!

Hot Water Beach

Just a few kilometers down the road from the magnificent Cathedral Cove is the Peculiar Hot Water Beach. 90 minutes to either side of low tide you can dig a hole in the beach and find HOT WATER. Some of it might be warm, some might be VERY HOT.  You can rent shovels for $5 at “Hotties” the shop right there where you park.  It’s definitely an experience you will never forget!

There are cold showers you can rinse off with afterwards as you will be pretty dirty from sitting in hot water sand pools, lol.

The surf here is much rougher so don’t bring your snorkel or kayak as you’ll be leaving them in the car. I tried to go out just a bit and got pummeled by the large breaking surf. It is great for surfing……if you know what you’re doing!


Department of Conservation Website

Hot Water Beach

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