Loosing weight is one of America’s biggest issues. Everyone is trying to sell you this fad diet or that empty promise and people want a quick fix.  There is no “Magic Answer” and if you want one look elsewhere where someone will lie to you and tell you what you want to hear and then not deliver.

How Kelly and I Lost Weight……And Still Are!

We’ve been keeping track of our calorie intake due to help from our friend Ashley Witter and in less than one month I have lost over 10 lbs and my wife has lost 15!  We’re doing the same thing we did last year when we were NOT loosing weight.  The only difference is we are being accountable for what we eat now.

Math 101

You don’t have to be a math expert, you just have to download an app and push a few buttons. We all know 1+1= 2. Calorie intake and burning work the same way.  If you take in more than you burn you gain weight, if you take in less than you burn you loose weight. If we can all understand this simple fact why can’t we loose weight?  It’s easy, distractions.

Be Responsible

This is where most people have issues, responsibility! There are a ton of outside factors and most people blame something or someone else for their failures instead of taking charge of things themselves. If you want to loose weight you need be responsible and stop making excuses. You don’t have to be responsible with everything all the time but if you want to loose weight no one is going to do it for you….it’s up to YOU!  It’s simple math like I mentioned, you have to be active to burn calories if not you’re going to be FAT. Do you want to be fat?

Staying Active

Exercise, what a horrible word! People cringe when just hearing it. You have to remove exercise from your vocabulary and replace it with something you enjoy.  Exercise equals flag football, sand volleyball, mountain biking, running, disc golf, skiing, playing with the dog.  All these things take place outside!  if you’re inside on a treadmill or elliptical you are doing exercise, not having fun. It’s not about fitting in 20 minutes of exercise to stay on some program to loose weight it’s about doing things you like that are fun that you will want to do. Your Fun has to get your heart rate up though, laying by the pool doesn’t count and neither does the above activities if you’re taking more breaks than participating in the activity.  You might need to take breaks in the beginning but don’t add that into how long you exercised. If you ride your bike for 30 minutes but took 15 minutes in breaks you didn’t really ride for 30 did you? The more you cater to your belly and less to your ego the more weight you’ll lose. Get an app like Strava to tell you your moving time, etc. This will let you know how much exercise your actually getting. Once you start having fun in life and being active you will start loosing weight. You will want to go have fun and not make excuses why you couldn’t get to the gym today. This will soon become a new way of life and habit forming and easier and easier. Who doesn’t want to have fun and be in better shape?


So if you’re ready to take control you have to do just that.  You have to make your own meals and eat because you need to, not because you’re bored. If you’re bored get off your ass and do something, we eat when we are bored and it’s the worst thing you can do.  Hanging out with friends is sure to pack on the calories; drinking beer, eating snacks, etc etc.  I’m not saying you can’t hang out with you friends but if you know the routine take charge and change it.  Bring some low calorie snacks, don’t pound the beers one after another.  I have had all these issues just like you, I’ve even lost weight on the road, gone home to visit and put some of it right back on because of these distractions. Plan ahead, if your friends like to go out to eat at horribly unhealthy places don’t go. Instead find a place that has something for everyone and suggest that. Once you start loosing weight your friends are going to notice and most likely ask you how you did it. It all starts with you being responsible and taking charge of yourself. Oh and work is the biggest distraction/excuse you can have. Most likely your employer doesn’t care if you want to loose weight and are not going look out for you. You have to make the time to be healthy. Don’t let work control you, when you die early because your fat and out of shape they are just going to hire someone else.

Before you interrupt let me see if I can predict what you are going to say.

“I work all day and by the time I get home I’m to tired”.

I can’t begin to answer everyone’s personal schedule but lets look at a few basics.

  1. Eating right gives you more energy
  2. Having a fun activity gives you something to look forward to
  3. Once you start to get into shape your “fun activity” or exercise if we’re using bad words will actually feel good and charge your bodies batteries.

You have to see the big picture and where you are going to be.

You Really have NO IDEA How Much You’re Eating

You don’t, unless you have a calorie counter and make all your meals how would you?  Get the App “My Fitness Pal”. Here you can scan the barcode of everything you eat or search for it if you don’t have a barcode on things like fruit and veggies.  Oh yeah and those fruit and veggies are your best friend. They have hardly any calories. All those diets you see out there have a gimmick pitch to anyone that will listen but they all have the same Math principle involved. You can eat bad things and drink beer but only in moderation and only if you know where your at calorie wise. Get a measuring cup and a table spoon, these are what most servings come in unless you have crackers or things that are individually wrapped. Measure your coffee creamer, your salsa, ketchup etc. You will start finding that you might need to change a few things but it will all be for the better, and most likely it will taste better.

Portion Control

This is the key to loosing weight. You have to measure out EVERYTHING! Coffee creamer, ounces of meat, cups of veggies, everything. If you measure out your first few meals and are like “wow this is hardly any food” you just found out the reason why you’re overweight. You’ve been eating way to much! It’s not about filling up an extra large plate and then cleaning it. Measure your portions, make a meal and then eat just that. Let it settle and you might find out your actually full. You might also be hungry still and your body might need a few weeks to get use to your new healthy way of eating. Use a calorie counter and in a week you’ll have a routine figured out of where to save on calories and where you can splurge.

You Can Still Eat Fantastic Foods

Every morning I either have a breakfast burrito or eggs over easy.  In both cases I have bacon, avocado and carbs!  I drink beer on a regular basis still and we make dinners that include meats veggies and things like rice or pad thai noodles that are super yummy.  There are six days in a week, take one off.  Allow yourself to eat out once a week, within reason of course, don’t go and eat an entire pizza and drink a 12 pack of beer in one sitting. Have two slices and 2 beers, enjoy yourself but don’t bring the rest of the pizza home with you. This has to be a change in how you live your life not a fad for 6 weeks.

Stay in Control

People loose weight all the time but go back up in weight right after they stop their “Fad Diet”.  Keep your calorie counter going everyday, if you miss a day it’s ok but don’t miss two, you need to know what’s going on. How can you control things that you don’t know about? If you’re just maintaining weight than that means you can eat more than before but you still need to know what more is. You will still have a target calorie intake each day.

I Want to Start Loosing Weight, What do I do?

You can download the app “My Fitness Pal” and start tracking your new weight loss. If you want to chat with someone who knows the in’s and out’s you should contact our friend Ashley! She was tired of being overweight so she went to school to figure it all out and has lost almost 100 pounds!  To me that says a thing or two.

For awesome recipes check out some of ours HERE

Contact our friend Ashley Witter if you’re looking for a consultation and advice for YOUR weight loss plan.

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