The Best Moab Mountain Bike and Jet Boat Adventure

This trip is an uniquely exciting adventure, Moab mountain biking with a cool twist. This is the quintessential Moab mountain bike tour for those looking for a different pedal experience. The White Rim Trail showcases the stunning views of the areas landscape and takes you off the grid to experience the vastness of Canyonlands National Park and the Colorado River. It is a amazing experience for all levels of riders.

Moab Cyclery and Tag-A-Long Expeditions have teamed up to offer this exciting and exclusive 20 mile guided Moab mountain biking expedition with a 25 mile scenic Jet Boat Tour along the Colorado River. ¬†Exploring Canyonlands from the White Rim Trail and the Colorado River gives you two completely different perspectives on the surrounding landscape, this is something you can’t find on any other tour. Your guide will not just keep you from getting lost, he will provide you with skill tips, history, and bike knowledge on your journey.

The Adventure Begins

As we awoke Saturday morning a wind advisory popped up on my weather app. Moab is to have 25-35 mph sustained winds with gusts up to 55mph. “Oh my goodness what did we get ourselves into?” I asked myself. We drove to the shop to meet our guide Eric and load our bikes. This exciting adventure started with a shuttle ride from the shop in Moab to the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park. As we get out of the van at our drop off point the wind is howling. Eric looks at us and says “Are you sure?” Of course, we are Get Some Adventures! No sooner after our overwhelming can do attitude did we find ourselves having to pedal going downhill due to the force of the wind.

The mountain bike ride starts down the famous Shafer Trail switchbacks that are cut into a canyon wall descending 1200 ft for 3 miles to the White Rim Trail. The views are amazing on this dramatic descent, although keep your eyes on the trail as you fly to the rim. At the bottom begins your ride along the White Rim trail, a jeep road with sand, slickrock, and packed sediment. As we meander our way along the trail we make a conscious effort to not venture close to the rim as the whipping gusts of winds were literally pushing us sideways and stopping us in our tracks at times. The trail has a few short climbs with some fun descents. At one point we had to stop and duck our heads to shield the dust storm whipping toward our bodies. To say the least I did have a natural dermabrasion from this trip. To add insult to injury the weather forecasted 0%  precipitation and here were clouds dark as pure evil moving overhead. We looked at each other and laughed. Of course this would happen to us. We kept pedaling on fighting ferociously against the mighty wind gusts. The clouds did spit some light rain upon us although not enough to dampen our spirits.

White Rim Trail

Along this adventure you will stop at dramatic overlooks and do some shorts hikes as your guide explains the history and geology of Colorado Overlook, Musselman Arch, and Lathrop Canyon.

We reached Lathrop Canyon and descended down some fun tight switchbacks and sought out shelter under some rocks to eat our lunch. As we emerged from the rocks the sun poked its head out from behind the clouds, ahhhh warmth and light. Once you reach Lathrop Canyon, you will ride the canyon floor until arriving at the Colorado River. Here you will be picked up by a Tag-A-Long jet boat.

Musselman Arch

Canyonlands from a Different Perspective

This jet boat ride back to Moab is the ultimate way to end your White Rim Bike Adventure. The boat will have a cooler of your beer waiting for you to enjoy if you leave it at the office in the morning. They load your bike and you take a seat to relax and enjoy the next 25 miles of jaw dropping scenery as you glide up the Colorado River. Seeing Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point Stare Park from the river is like seeing it for the first time. The beauty, geology, and the history of this landscape is mesmerizing. This adventure will always be a memorable trip to reflect upon as a special time in a special place.

Jet Boat Colorado River

Trip Includes

  • Lunch
  • Shuttle to Canyonlands National Park
  • Guided tour on the White Rim
  • Jet boat Ride back to Moab
  • Short Hikes
  • Rental bike if needed

391 South Main Street 
Moab, Utah 84532

425 North Main Street
Moab, Utah 84532

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