An Afternoon in Brisbane South Bank

We had never planned on visiting Australia but an 11 hour layover in Brisbane gave us the most excellent of opportunities for an afternoon of sightseeing.

TRAVEL TIP: You must get an ETA (travel pass) when visiting Australia or if you have an extended layover of over 8 hours. Kelly and I had gotten our passes well in advance of the 5 day advance notice needed and we were lucky we did. No one told us we needed this pass just to sit in the airport on a layover. If we hadn’t gotten our passes they would not have issued us tickets in Orlando!

I’m not a city person in the least bit but visiting the South Bank of Brisbane was just lovely. Hop on a train from the airport and ride it right down to the river. Here you will find museums, water taxis, a ferris wheel and more.

Strolling down the South Bank a little further and you will encounter an asian temple and boardwalk complete with bamboo and iguanas.

A little further and the scene changes a tropical paradise of swimming pools and beaches where everyone is welcome and sunbathers are plentiful.

After you’ve worked up an appetite or just looking for a cold beverage on a hot Australian Day pop on over 1/2 a block to a plethora of cafe’s bistro’s pubs and more.

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I’ve never spent a more enjoyable fun filled yet relaxing afternoon in a city anywhere.


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