To be honest…….I don’t know

What defines a midlife crisis?  Most people say it’s realizing your life isn’t where you wanted it to be, and/or that you have realized you have a limited amount of time left on this planet before you die. 

What if you wake up every day to deal with insane rush hour traffic where you see nothing but the bad side of people as they cut you off to rush to their jobs, that they most likely hate. What if you want to go for a quick hike or bike ride or meet your friends after work but there is no way you can because it takes at least an hour to go 10 miles in  traffic. What if every weekend you flee to the river or the mountains to surround yourself with natures beauty and meet like minded individuals because the city is just too much. How about the fact that when you’re in the city you are surrounded by people who’s latest concern is buying the latest purse or if their car or house is as nice as the neighbors.

So was it a midlife crisis or just finally an act based on the realization that our world is becoming a horrible place to live?

The average person bases their life and their decisions on what others tell them they are suppose to do and believe. In a world where the airwaves are filled with nothing but advertisements on how to do this and what to buy common sense and logic have become rare. We are all caught in this web to some degree, I was no different.

Where does this crisis, as people call it, come from?  Is it from your early childhood, or watching to much mass media, something else, everything?  All young children want to be “something” when they grow up; a fireman, an astronaut, a ballerina, etc.  What changes these dreams?  Our parents, lack of work on our own part, money, confusion of what’s important by the mass media, or are these just childish whims with no hope to start with?  Does waking up one morning realizing you’ve never became that firefighter make you change your life drastically by selling everything, getting a divorce, or whatever it is YOU do that defines your midlife crisis? Or does listening to mass media tell you every day that you need to have a bigger car, a bigger house, a Victoria’s Secret wife, an executive job, etc brainwash you into thinking your life needs to be something it’s not. Is it all of these or none of these?

Is a midlife crisis waking up one morning and realizing that you’re not in the “matrix” anymore; or realizing you are trapped in it and need to escape.  My “crisis” was the realization of the definition of insanity. Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  People go to the same job they hate everyday, fighting the same horrible traffic, dealing with the same issues expecting it to get better…..but do nothing to change it.  When these things are pointed out they get defensive and claim they have no choice or they need more money.  Everyone has a choice and there are lots of places and ways to get money. On the morning when this person wakes up and finally decides they’ve had enough is it their “crisis” or a realization?

For me I have been through all of the above.  I use to think “If I have this nice car all the girls will like me”, “If I make this much money it will equal success”, etc. I had a big house filled with stuff that did not make me happy. The only thing it equaled was a pile of stuff I had to dust and clean . It is all a pile of garbage that our society or at least the people in charge of it have told you that this “stuff” is suppose to equal.  A Ferrari doesn’t make you any better of a person than if you owned a Hyundai. And if you bust your butt everyday to save for that Ferrari you are most likely to die at an old age still trying to obtain that magical Ferrari while life has passed you by.

My midlife crisis or realization was making the decision to not be a part of the ludicrous rat race that surrounded me. Sell everything, leave the city, see the world is my definition of happy! I am not telling everyone to go live in a Van, I am saying go find your happy place, follow your dreams but stop keeping up with the “Jones” it is not the way to proceed. There are ways to reduce your monthly expenses so you have more money to travel.  If you want to change and start living you can also read my “Change Everything You Think You Know” article.

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