Ever wanted to try a downhill Mountain Bike Park but have questions?

  • Can my All Mountain / Trail Bike handle it?
  • How much travel do I need?
  • Do I need a full face helmet and body armor?
  • Is it all like Red Bull Rampage?

Depending on who you ask and where will fetch you a “Variety” of answers.
Don’t worry we’re here to straighten all that out and
point you down the right trails.

Which Downhill Parks are Best for Intermediate Riders

Were out there looking for those perfect parks where you know you can take your bike and go ride! Not all bike parks have trails for everyone and just because they say they have 15 trails with 6 intermediates doesn’t mean they are really intermediate or really any good. Trails get old, they’re really a black diamond but put a blue square on the map, etc. You never know what you’re going to find until you set off down the mountain.

Bike Parks like any other business want to sell you something so they make everything sound awesome. We’re traveling from park to park in search of those awesome trails so you know where your money and your bike will go the furthest!

Am I an Intermediate Rider and What Do I Need?

The Intermediate Rider

Our definition of an intermediate rider is:

  • Someone who has been riding enough to be comfortable on their bike
  • They can ride over roots and loose rocks
  • Turn well through varied terrain
  • Rides SMALL features; rock gardens, wooden features, berms, etc

Equipment Needed

  • Full suspension bike with 140mm fork / 130mm rear recommended
  • Full Face Helmet recommended (we started without one but why take chances)
  • Knee / Elbow pads: Do you wear them now? You should be fine wearing what you would when riding the harder stuff you ride on XC.
  • Pedals: Flats or Clips? You won’t have any big climbs but might be stopping to look at a feature. What are you most comfortable with?

The Ratings

We’ll rate each park based on how much FUN an Intermediate Rider should have and give a brief description of why we rated it that way.


All mountain biking can be dangerous.

We’re not responsible if you hurt yourself.

Go have fun!

Check out the articles below to learn more

We’re on the road and updating as we go!

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I was going to combine Utah with Colorado in one joint article but with so many bike parks in Colorado I didn’t want people to miss some amazing riding in Park City. Deer Valley Park City, Utah Deer Valley has some amazing riding! They have brought in Gravity...

Colorado Bike Parks

The Midwest is bursting with downhill Parks, most located in the amazing state of Colorado. You have several large resorts hiring top bike park building companies to create sick trails and some smaller resorts that charge less but are still getting the job done when...

Northeast Bike Parks

The Northeast has a good mix of dirt and rock which forms a good base for riding. With the Northeast at lower elevations then out west they also have a longer riding season. Highland for Instance runs late April through Mid November! There are a TON of Bike Parks in...

Northwest Bike Parks

We had ridden at several bike parks over the course of the last 2 years and were super excited to get our MTBParks Pass and try out a bunch more. We had been to a few of the parks on the pass already and liked riding there so we couldn’t wait to try out some new...

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