Recipes for the Road

Cooking on the road is similar to what you can make at home in a lot of cases but not always. Here’s a list of things we’ve come up with that are QUICK, EASY & HEALTHY (Mostly)

A Healthy and Delicious Dinner on the Road

Pad Thai & Salmon Burgers This Dish is VERY TASTY!  The Pad Thai Mix is super healthy and easy as it comes in a bag.  The Salmon is Wild Caught Alaskan Burgers that also very healthy and have a lot of taste.  We have tried turkey and chicken burgers and unless...

Amazing Strawberry Shortcake Dessert on the Road

Strawberry Shortcake This desert is actually a good amount of food and it’s super yummy. Kroger – Angel Food Cake (1 Slice) 60 Cal Fresh Strawberries (1/2 cup) 32 Cal Kroger Dairy Whip in Can (3 tablespoons) 22 Cal Total Calories: 114 Approximate Cost:  $1.25 As...

Rotisserie Chicken Wraps

You can make these burritos for lunch or dinner. Here’s an example of a loaded up option (pictured above) and a low calorie option (below). You can pick one of them or somewhere in between.   Loaded Out Chicken Wrap Flatout – Light Italian Flatbread (1...

Breakfast Burritos – Loaded up & Low Cal

Breakfast is the meal where most people try and skimp when trying to loose weight.  A shake of some sort or just skipping it altogether.  Don’t do it!  You need to get your metabolism going in the morning and eating a Healthy breakfast can be quicker and easier than...

Bacon & Eggs (Over Medium) & Toast

Bacon & Eggs (Over Medium) & Toast Dave’s Killer White Bread (1 Slice) 110 Cal Egglands X-Large Eggs (2 eggs) 140 Cal Avocado (1/4) 62 Cal Simple Truth – Fully Cooked Uncured Applewood Smoked Bacon (2 Slices) 53 Cal Total Calories: 366 Approximate...

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