Have you ever tried to Pan Fry Cookies?

Most likely you haven’t. Why would you when you can just throw the in the oven.  Well Kelly and I don’t have an oven in the sprinter so I wondered if we could just “heat them up in a pan”.  I mean people eat raw cookie dough all the time.  It’s not like pork or chicken where they have to be cooked to 150 degrees.

starting the Cookie Experiment

So on our way to Big Bend National Park I threw out the idea to Kelly.  She laughed of course but then shook her head and said ” I like cookies”.  Of course she does, who doesn’t?  We grabbed a package of the precut squares while stocking up on groceries and our experiment had officially begun.

Lee burning his mouth on hot cookies

Check out our video and see for yourself if you can Pan Fry Cookies!

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