Located near Mt Hood this trail system offers fantastic mountain biking. It has a different style than I am use to however. The ride started out like any XC ride when we did the short green loop at the base of the Mtn. Nothing special and you can skip it as you will get plenty warm climbing the paved road 3 miles to the TOP!

The system is designed to ride pavement up and then pick your poison down. There are several trails down with the “Three Thirty Eight Loop” in the middle used to connect the other systems. Most of the trails here are one direction only. Stop and check out the map in the parking lot or at the top of the paved road.

We rode “ROCK DROP” to start with. This is rated as a Diamond Downhill Course with Mandatory obstacles. This is not the case. The first obstacle you come to is by far the hardest, and 18” drop to a fall away slope with a turn at the bottom, or you can just ride around it. The rest of the course is compromised of table tops, pumps, wall rides and berms. Everything is easily rideable and rollable.

We then jumped onto “Three Thirty Eight” and looped back to the road where we ran into a nice young lady named Savanna who told us to run “Two Turntables and a Microwave” down to “Lower Hide and Seek”. “Two Turntables” is fast and flowing with loose rocks, small and large, scattered here and there along the trail. This trail is intermediate/advanced for sure. After this you get to “Lower Hide and Seek”, the crown jewel of the trail system. At least that’s our opinion.

Lower Hide & Seek has a ton of work put into it to make it a 6 out of 5 rated trail. I kept waiting for it to end thinking wow but it kept getting better and better. It is super fast and flowing, has concrete and dirt berms, small jumps, and great terrain throughout. The best part is that “Lower Hide and Seek” has trail access from the road half way up so you can go up for another round on the bottom or just run loops on the bottom.

I would go out of my way to ride here for sure. If you’re in this area ride this and Post Canyon!

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