Plumbing the Sprinter Van

I had never done plumbing before and had to make a trip to PPL motorhomes in Houston to figure out everything I needed to plumb my system.  Earl was very kind to go over what I had and draw me a diagram of how to set it all up and what I needed.  I had bought a bar sink to put in so needed some adapters to make the RV plumbing work with the standard house sized sink leads.

My brother and I had laid out everything so all our plumbing was basically in 1 cabinet.  The sink was next to the cabinet inside and the shower faucet was located in the garage just the other side of the cabinet.  The fresh water tank was mounted underneath the truck directly under the water closet as well.  Everything was a short run to the water closet where the pump and hot water heater were housed.

Installing the Fresh Water Tank

First we had to remove a section of the exhaust pipe as it ran back past the axle right where the tank was going to go. Removing this was actually very easy as it was just attached with a clamp in the front and then on a hanger in the back.  About 5 minutes total.

We got some metal brackets from Lowes to build a support system for the tank and bolted them directly to the frame. We then drilled all the holes up into the water closet and attached all the connections.  I needed to insulate and protect the tank from road debris so I coated the entire thing with a few inches of spray foam.  That stuff is super sticky on your fingers but doesn’t want to stay on a flat plastic tank very well.  I had to do the sides in portions so it could dry and then use the dried portion to anchor the new stuff.  On the bottom I had to get a box and build it up to the right height with a piece of paper on top and then fill the cavity between the box and tank with foam.

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