My husband and I live in a van and explore the great outdoors. We are out constantly sweating and exposed to the harsh sun and annoying bugs. I was looking for products that were all natural and effective against odors, bugs, and dry lips. When Sam’s Natural asked us to try their products I was really excited.

I always want to buy natural products when I can and find that deodorant and lip balm are essential daily products to consider if you’re going to buy some natural products. I was in search of a deodorant that worked and was free of aluminum and dangerous chemicals. We really like companies that create quality products out of all natural ingredients that we know are recyclable and effective.  I couldn’t wait to try their products when I read they are made with ingredients like coconut oil, sweet almond oil,  shea butter, and citronella.

Sam's Natural Deodorant

We received 4 products to test: women’s deodorant, original deodorant, lip balm, and the campn stick.

No Sulfurs
No Pagabens
No heavy metals
No Artificial Colors
Cruelty Free
Hand Crafted

Can’t be stored in high heat or humidity
Have to buy online

I tried the Woman’s Deodorant and loved it. The citrus scent is so fresh. It withstood the hot and humid conditions of Florida and Georgia in July. I even asked after a tough mountain bike ride for my husband to smell my armpits and he said I didn’t stink. I tried this deodorant for a 2 weeks then switched back to my old deodorant to do a comparison test. I immediately had irritation and got a rash from my old deodorant. I have used Sam Natural deodorant for 1 month every day and sometimes twice a day because I showered and can’t imagine using anything else. It cost $9.95 and is worth every penny as it lasts a long time. I was going to write this review when I ran out but it has been over 5 weeks of use and no end in sight.

Sam's Natural Lip Balm

We both got a lip balm to try. It is peppermint scented. The lip balm makes your lips feel like silk. The balm is soft, smooth, and extremely moisturizing. We have left it many times in the van during some really hot days in Georgia and it did not melt. We loved the scent and they way it made our lips feel. You get 3 of them for $10.95.

My husband tried the Original deodorant. He is very picky and very sensitive to textures and scents. He loved the deodorant. The way it felt on his skin, the scent, and the extreme effectiveness against odor even during our toughest workouts. I know this deodorant was worth every scent when he was using it everyday and threw out his old deodorant. The deodorant did not stain our clothes or leave those horrible deodorant marks.

Sam's Natural Men's deodorant

The Campn Stick is has a very strong scent and was more susceptible to the heat and humidity. I like the smell of citronella and peppermint as it makes me feel clean and invigorated. Best part is that it is DEET FREE! So no poisonous chemicals. I have not had any bug bites while camping in the southeast. It works amazingly well. It comes in a stick form like the deodorant so just rub it on to the areas you feel need to be protected and enjoy the power of the essential oils. Follow the instructions and do not leave it in the heat or high humidity. We left it in the van by mistake and the oils did seep onto the outside of the stick making the stick slippery. If you are looking for a safe way to not getting eaten alive by bugs try this stick.

We recommend the deodorant, lip balm, and campn stick. Sam’s Natural has numerous other products you can try too. You get FREE SHIPPING for order over $25. So go explore their website and see all the natural products you can enjoy and incorporate into your life.

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