Be prepared to waste a bunch of your time dealing with idiots. My brother and I came to the conclusion that the professional customization shops have to have a full time employee that does nothing but order parts, send back broken parts, re-order parts and handle shipping problems.

Shipping!  They should call it dropping.  I mean the condition some of the stuff arrived in was crazy. Lazy ass people who work for shipping companies that don’t care about what they are doing or your packages.

I argued back and forth with one company because they wanted me to call the shipping company that they hired and file a claim with them.  I called just to see what would happen and they told me 4-6 weeks and I had to fill out all these forms etc.   I called the merchant back and told them “YOU ARE CRAZY!”  You hired these incompetent fools you deal with.  They said “NO”.  I called my credit card and disputed the charge.  Hey guess what I got a call back a few weeks later saying “what part is damaged we would like to send you a new one free of charge”  This world just sucks.  That’s why we built this thing to try and get away from the masses of people who are lazy and don’t want to do their job.

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