Oakridge Oregon

The Flat Creek Trail on Dead Mountain has a new top section of fast berms, sweeping turns and small jumps to keep you busy and entertained for sure.  This section has been modeled after the Sandy Ridge and Alsea Falls trails and while not as good as those it is still very fun and entertaining.  Don’t get me wrong this trail still rocks.  The scenery of the forest is worth coming for alone, add a feature built trail and it’s great.  Sandy Ridge and Alsea Falls are trail networks and have had tons of work put into them and Alsea is still building, this is just one trail….But a dam good one.

We only rode the top as we didn’t have a shuttle and only wanted to make one 2-3 mile climb up a forest service rd and wanted to see some more trails in Oakridge that day. I would get a shuttle and ride the entire trail all the way down to Salmon Creek vs just the top.  A shuttle would make the entire ride a half day event and well worth the trip.  Combine it with the Oakridge Classics and make a week of biking bliss in Oregon.

You can grab a map at

Mercantile Bike Shop
48080 OR-58, Oakridge, OR 97463
(541) 782-1800

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