The Pack Towl

Description: Super light weight, easy packable multi use towel

Uses: Sports, Showers, dish towel, face towel


5 Stars

These towels are awesome. These are the only towels we own. They come in various sizes and provide a ton of uses.  Sweat rag, body towel, dish towel, face towel,  and gear towel. They are super light weight and dry really quick which is important when you are out in the woods or on the road.  We use the large ones to shower with, the small ones for sweat rags on hikes or as a wash cloth and the medium ones for all kinds of things like drying our dishes. We hang them out and they dry super quick. They also don’t hold smells like regular towels so you can use them over and over before washing them. Living in a van and always on an adventure these towels are a life-saver. We love our pack towls.

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