We ride mountain bikes because it’s fun. We choose downhill bike parks because they offer us more smiles per mile than just about any other riding option. Lift-accessed bike parks offer the chance to make many more runs down a mountain than could be done without the use of a lift. The thrill of flying down a mountain and sailing off jumps as you glide across the rocks and roots thrown in your way is priceless. Sugarbush Resort in Vermont is an amazing location for downhill mountain biking offering 37 trails of downhill riding with all natural terrain. This mountain offers up adventure, challenge, and enjoyment for downhill mountain bike lovers.

Sugarbush Resort

All Natural Terrain

Put on your big girl panties, armor, and helmet as these trails are intense. You may not be pedaling up but your arms and legs will be working hard! There are no smooth as butter machine built trails on this mountain. All the trails are filled with natural rocks, roots, and dirt to make your heart race and your mouth smile wide. As you navigate the tight turns and rocky berms make sure you look ahead for the next feature in your path. You will definitely bust out huge amounts of vertical feet and miles of technical riding.

Sugarbush Resort Lee berm


We mostly rode the Intermediate Trails on the mountain. The Green Trails are double track service roads with loose gravel. The one black trail we shredded was Turkey Tumble. It had great swooping berms mixed in with technical rock and root features. Definitely the best difficult trail to begin with to step up your downhill skills. Our favorite ride was Grandstand to Big Birch to Burly Maple to Gondolier. It is the most bang for your buck as the non-stop downhill excitement only takes a break as you transition between trails. There are tight berms, rock drops, bridges, and large roots ascending down a 1575 ft vertical descent. It was thrilling and exhausting! To change it up we did attempt ruffed up a black trail in the mix and man it was narrow and gnarly. We rode are all Mountain Bikes on these trails and were fine, if you want to ride the more difficult terrain definitely rent a downhill bike if you do not own one.


Sugarbush downhill

Need Some Food and Beer

We all need to give our arms and legs a break from shredding down the mountain. So stop by CastleRock Pub at the base of the lift for a great beer selection and pub food options. If you need to fuel up before and after hitting the mountain grab a bite to eat at  Timbers Restaurant at the base of Lincoln peak offering breakfast and dinner options.

Other Things to Do

If your body needs a break from downhill Sugarbush Resort also offers cross country mountain biking, hiking, and disc golf. The Farmhouse Bike & Gear Shop at the base is a wealth of knowledge about the trails. You can also purchase your tickets, lessons, and rental gear here too. The staff were very nice and extremely helpful in guiding us towards having the most fun on the mountain. Don’t worry if you forgot any gear they have it to rent or purchase.

jump Sugarbush resort

Sugarbush Resort Bike Park has an spectacular variety of downhill trails over 18 miles. The majority of the trails are geared toward intermediate and advanced riders winding in and out of the beautiful lush forest. If you love to ride downhill and love natural terrain this is your park. Go ride!

Sugarbush Resort
WARREN, VT 05674

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