Katadyn  Hiker Water Filter

Description: Water Filter

Item Uses: day hikes,  backpacking, car camping

Weight: 11 oz

Review: (stars 1-5)

4 Stars

It is a good filter. It has an attachment to make filtering into bottles easier. The hose also connects into bladders with detachable hoses. You have to make sure you keep the 2 hoses separate as to not cross contaminate the clean hose with the dirty hose. It filters 1 liter of water a minute. It is a workout filtering multiple liters with this filter system, we alternate every couple of liters. We have broken the handle. The system needs to be off the bottom of the water source as if it sucks up a lot of dirt, silt, etc it will clog and cease to work. After each trip you need to clean all the components especially the filter and apply lube to keep the parts operating smoothly. The replacement filters are expensive at $49.95.

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