There’s way more room than you think, couple that with you need way less than you think you do and you end up with extra room. Yes, extra room! We have some unused space as it is in our Sprinter and more clothes than we need. The objective is to be outside the Sprinter hiking, paddling, biking and seeing the country. Even with all the rain the couch is plenty comfy and there are the swivel seats in the front. You can watch TV, play board games, surf the net, blog, etc. If you’re traveling until 5 pm or later everyday chilling is not a bad thing, it’s actually welcomed. You do have to plan for showers, meaning some places don’t have showers and they have an early time of no generators like 7pm. If you don’t show up to camp until 7:30 and they don’t have showers you’re gonna be stinky.

Think about your house. You have a bunch of rooms that you use only a tiny bit each day and hallways connecting them. Lets break it down.
Kitchen – We pull out the stove and put it on the counter to boil water for Oatmeal or reheat things quickly inside the van. If we are making a dinner we set up our small folding table outside (forest, park, campground, etc) or use an existing table if there is one and cook outside.
Bedroom – We have a futon that folds down into a full size bed. Full size is tiny you say? It is and it isn’t. The bed folds down so it’s right up against the wall on one side and the cabinet on the other so we can lay right up against the wall if we want to and not worry about falling out of bed. That’s why you need a bigger bed anyways right? You have a queen bed that gives you 6” extra room so you don’t have to worry about sleeping right on the edge. 3” for each person’s “safety zone” so to say gives you the same “sleeping room” in your queen as our full. If you need more than 3” our bed has more room. Yes we had a King size at home before we left but it’s really not needed. Uncomfortable? Nope! Our futon is super sweet and comfy as well. It’s an 8” mattress with springs and memory foam.
Living Room – Our living room at home could seat 6 people easy with standing or sitting room for lots more. How many times did we have that many people over? Not many compared to the 365 days in the year. We met our friends normally at the rivers to paddle or parks to bike or sat around the dining room table to play games. Kelly and I can play games inside if need be or at a picnic table outside. We also have camp chairs and a folding table to go outside if we want. Remember, our futon is super sweet and comfy. It’s an 8” mattress with springs and memory foam. We can sit 4 people on it if need be and both chairs up front swivel around to face backwards. We could easily sit 5 people hanging out inside if we wanted to (rain/snow), more if needed. We have a 28” TV that can swivel to face outside if we want it to. Inside and outside speakers with XM radio and a DVD player. We also have a hard drive with 500 GB of TV shows and movies downloaded onto it. We might not be able to watch a regular show every Tuesday at 5pm but that’s ok we didn’t do that when we had a regular house.
Dinning Room – Our super comfy futon or the table and chairs outside. We’re not stuck inside always like you are! Sure you have a patio but how often do you really eat out there?
Laundry Room – Public laundry is how we roll. Do you know how many loads you have to do at $1.50 a load to equal a fancy washing machine? Sure it’s not convenient but when you have a ton of extra time because you don’t sit in rush hour everyday or any of that other BS and hour or so of laundry every week to 10 days is nothing. We normally find ones with Wi-Fi and catch up on posts or surf the net just like you do at work when you’re not working.
Closets – We have plenty or storage. Pots, pans, stoves, clothes, food gear etc. We even have a garage in back for our packs, bikes, kayak stuff etc. “Where will I put all my clothes?” We’ve been on the road over 4 months and I have clothes in the van I haven’t worn once!
Patio– Everywhere outside that we park!
Guest Rooms – We have a tent you can set up! We had a guest room in our old house. It got used like 4 times a year. MAYBE! Like I said if we’re meeting people we are outside and they brought their own gear or we are visiting you and parking in your garage.

Our Van has plenty of room to LIVE IN !

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