Visiting Vail

When confronted with such a large resort with diverse terrain it might seem overwhelming on where to go and how to get there. Don’t worry though we’ll help you unlock a fun filled day.

Hitting the Mountain

There are a few parking options near the ski resort and all are accessed by bus. You can park for FREE along Frontage road or spend $30 to park at Lions Head. Either way figure this out ahead of time and allow enough time to park, dress, grab the bus and get to “Gondola One” as close to first chair as possible. 

Slope Side

Once you’re off Gondola One it’s time to grab a few warm up laps. Make your way to Wildwood Express Lift just to your left. Once at the top you can run a Blue Groomer back down to where you started or explore a small Black Mogul Run and the woods above it.

Tip  – The snow is best in the trees and you can go far skier left to where the moguls disappear and it’s just un-groomed snow. 

After a few runs in this areas jump on the Mountaintop Express Lift (Right next to the Wildwood). Once at the top Grab an Epic Mix Picture with your friends and family. Have fun with these, you can take a boring picture in your backyard. Then it’s down Timberline Catwalk to the Sourdough Express and Two Elk Lodge.


The Back Bowls

Don’t worry these bowls aren’t just for experts. From Two Elk Lodge you can jump right into the China Bowl, this is a Blue bowl, extremely wide open and a ton of fun. There are a few groomers down the bowl bust the rest is fantastic powder fields. You can rinse and repeat this a few times via the Orient Express, which I highly recommend.

Tip – If you’re looking for a more advanced run take Shangra-La through the woods and down.

After a few runs up here it’s time to head further back!

Lunch with a View

By this point you’ve probably worked up a pretty good appetite. After you’re done with China Bowl head past the Orient Express and make your way to the Skyline Express Lift. You will now be delivered to a remote location with stunning views of the surrounding mountains! Grab a table…. Bon Appetit!  The restaurant up top is very basic and just has cold sandwiches.

Tip – There are 2 public grills at the top so pack your best picnic gear. 


More to Explore

Once you’ve finished that yummy lunch you have a few choices. “In the Woods” has some great powder to the sides of the groomer with a wide open glade atmosphere and “Cloud 9” takes you down to “Big Rock Park”. There are some harder, much harder sick routes down if those are to tame for you. After a few run here don’t miss Petes Express Lift. The “Star” and “Grand Review” give you a chance to play in and out of the trees. There’s also powder to be found under the lift, it’s not a named run but it’s good to go! Once you’re done here jump on the Teacup Express Lift if you’re really done or the Orient Express fro a few more runs at China Bowl. Enjoy!

Finishing Your Perfect Day

The New Express Lift Bar is located right next to the base of Gondola One where you started. Grab a table outside on a blue bird day or one next to the warm fireplace inside if you need to warm up.

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