How to Build a Sprinter Van

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the building process.  If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email, I would be glad to answer any questions and help out where I can.  Get Some!

Thoughts of a Sprinter

BEFORE WE BOUGHT: Getting a Sprinter van had been in the back of my mind for a few years and those around me would hear me mention from time to time “I’m getting one of those!” I did lot of research, well what I thought was lots of research at the...

Designing the Adventure Bus

So here’s where the fun starts. At least it did for me. I loved envisioning what I was going to build. Bed here, cabinet there, fridge, etc etc. While it was fun it was very frustrating.
Like I mentioned you can’t start designing until you know what you NEED in the van. Well, I guess you could but you would most likely be wasting your time.

Buying Our New Sprinter

What A Headache ! Now I worked in the auto industry for 10 years so getting a good deal was easy as I knew what to do, how to ask for it etc. What was a pain was finding what I wanted. I worked for Toyota for years and half their vehicles came in from overseas and we...

Adding Insulation & Sound Deadening to the Sprinter

Flooring & Insulation

NOTE: This is the most important stage of building the van. If you are going to cut corners on something make sure this is NOT the area. The wrong insulation can mold and make you sick or worse. Sitting in an oven is no fun either. Do your homework here and do this step RIGHT!

Cutting Exterrior Holes and Adding Walls to the Sprinter

Cutting holes is the Van

So the flooring and insulation was pretty straight forward and nothing really special other then make sure you do it and don’t rush it. This next step though is where people get a little scared, myself included. It’s time to cut holes in the outside of your shiny new van!

Ordering Parts

Be prepared to waste a bunch of your time dealing with idiots. My brother and I came to the conclusion that the professional customization shops have to have a full time employee that does nothing but order parts, send back broken parts, re-order parts and handle shipping problems.

Installing Cabinets and Seat Swivels

Building and Installing Cabinets

First let me say that building square cabinets in a non square environment sucks. What I mean is the van walls aren’t square, It flares from front to back and rolls in from bottom to top. Every piece you make is one of a kind custom.

Running the Electrical in the Sprinter

This was the step I had been dreading for almost 6 months since I decided to buy and build my own rig. Sure I can wire an electrical outlet but I had no idea on what to do with inverters, circuit breakers, house batteries etc. My brother who was the master carpenter said “No problem one of my best friends owns a hug electrical contracting company, we’re good” So the first thing. Never listen to your big brother, they are full of shit and just say what ever they want to like “No problem, that’s easy etc”.

Plumbing the Sprinter Van

I had never done plumbing before and had to make a trip to PPL motorhomes in Houston to figure out everything I needed to plumb my system. Earl was very kind to go over what I had and draw me a diagram of how to set it all up and what I needed. I had bought a bar sink to put in so needed some adapters to make the RV plumbing work with the standard house sized sink leads.

Installing the Van Electronics

If this vans a rocking…….We’re fighting over what we’re watching on TV? LOL. So our adventures are going to be many and grand but there is going to be plenty of time to relax and then there will be those days we’re stuck inside with bad weather. I found a Jensen Radio and DVD player to build into the cabinets.

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