Kelly and I arrived in Crested Butte to do some Mtn Biking and were in search of a place to park the rig overnight.  We came to a sign on Gothic Rd past the town of Gothic saying “High Clearance Vehicles only beyond this point”.  We had to bike this part of the road to make out loop on the 401 trail so we pulled off and decided to start biking now and scout the road as we went.

The road wasn’t to bad until near the top where it narrowed to one lane at points with sheer drops, crazy holes, etc.  I have been driving trucks for 20+ years and “THOUGHT” I could get the Sprinter to the top.  There would be no where to turn around though up top and if I couldn’t make it I woud have to back down the whole way…..with traffic!

Check out the sketchy video below of out journey to the top

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