All Service is Not Created Equal

Getting a Sprinter serviced isn’t a cheap process to start with and I knew this going in but I thought the pricing for a Service A or Service B would be comparable from dealer to dealer. Now I use to work in the auto industry for 10 years and I knew pricing varied from dealer to dealer but these variations were slight. This is NOT what I’ve encountered with the Sprinter.

I bought this rig in Atlanta and got the same pricing from 2 dealers there so when I ended up needing my next service in California I was very surprised with the quote I got. So surprised I called my dealer back in Atlanta to confirm what I was told as it had been a few months. The dealer back in Atlanta confirmed the original pricing and told me to drive further and get my rig serviced elsewhere.

I called 2 dealers in Oregon and got pricing similar to back home. The first dealer I called was in Eugene and very small they told me and were booked 10 days out. The second dealer I found was in Medford and could take me the next day. The service advisor Rachel was very nice and informative. They had our Sprinter finished quicker than they promised and had it washed on top of that. I would use the Medford Sprinter Dealer whenever possible if you can. We drove 3 hours each way just to get the van serviced and it was well worth the drive.

Here’s the pricing we were quoted:

Sprinter B Service:
Atlanta, GA $400ish plus cost of air filter
Saratoga, CA $1,000 (not sure if air filter was covered or not)
Eugene, OR $500 plus cost of air filter
Medford, OR $650 (includes air filter) They had $100 service coupon though so we ended up at $550 including the air filter.

Call Rachel at Mercedes of Medford
3240 Crater Lake Ave, Medford, OR 97504
(541) 774-1000

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