The Answer Will Surprise You

Everyone thinks that when they take a new job, move to a different city, start a new relationship, etc that their life is going to magically change for the better.

Is this the case?

It depends, maybe you got a promotion or a were in a bad relationship, etc. Just changing your environment isn’t going to necessarily make things better in your life. YOU are the key ingredient to making things better in your life. Many people don’t realize this and they just keep trying to “Changing things” hoping it will make their life better or them happy.


Hitting the Road

Leaving “Regular” society behind and hitting the road isn’t going to fix your problems. Sorry for that news flash, I didn’t mean to burst your bubble.

Life on the Road is what YOU make out of it. Are you looking for an opportunity or trying to escape your problems? Kelly and I love the outdoors and tackling new adventures. Hitting the road for us meant more opportunities to seek out and explore that passion for the great outdoors. If life isn’t working out for you for whatever reason and you decide to build a van and hit the road to escape those issues you are most likely just packing them under the bed in your van and taking them with you!

What Do you Mean?

I recently came across a post in Van Dwellers, a Facebook group. I’m part of the group because I live in a van. I’ll be honest I don’t follow things really that much or know anyone in the group, etc. The post I came across was from someone that was new to the group and wanted to hit the road. This individual had recently had a conversation with a good friend that was in law enforcement and told them they were thinking of hitting the road to live in a van and asked their opinion.

Do I have your attention now? Keep reading it only gets better!

The officer’s response:

“law enforcement see people living in vans as social escapees that are likely to be on drugs and have minor issues with law enforcement. He painted a very negative view of people living in their van and encouraged me if I do push through, make sure I have a newer van and have it painted up with my company images so police can easily tell I am not what he called a social reject.”

Obviously this officer had a stereotype of people living in a van BUT also had some advise to share as he knew not everyone fit that profile.


Living in a Van is About You Not the Van

The responses were all over the place in the Facebook group from people offering constructive advice like “buy a newer van” to the obligatory “Fuck the Police”! I made one comment about how we never had a problem and then started paying a little more attention to the people and what they were saying. I was particularly curious of the negative comments. One gentleman said he had been approached by the police several times when in a new city although he never felt hassled. He said he simply told the police he was here for a new job he had just started, explained his situation and everything was just fine after that. Another said that the police told him they were there because “someone had called them to report a suspicious van”. Sure this can definitely happen in todays day and age. The police politely asked him to move on if he was somewhere he shouldn’t be parking or just left him alone if he was somewhere legal.

Then I moved on to those people that were just “Fuck the Police”, “They Always Hassle Me”, etc. The comments ranged from stuff like “They just came up to me in a parking lot where I was playing my guitar and asked me if I was ok while shining the light in my face and then looking in my van, I hate fucking cops” to “Fucking Pigs, followed by some nonsense”. The first comment should speak for itself, the guy was playing a guitar in a parking lot when a cop came by and stopped to see what was going on. You generally just can’t park in a random parking lot, set up home and then start playing your guitar. I’m not saying it’s against the law I’m just saying it might draw attention. I then clicked on one of the profiles of the really belligerent commenters. I think his first name was Daniel but he then had a pronounced as and it was something like “Fuk Yaw”. 

What am I getting at?

What I’m trying to convey is that YOU are not going to change because you move out of your house, apartment, etc and get a van. If you’re responsible now, you’re going to stay responsible. If you’re a felon and seem to “find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time” that’s still going to happen.

Yes, Living in a van is different than living in a house but it’s…………… NOT GOING TO CHANGE WHO YOU ARE!



Living in a Van can provide an opportunity, but it’s up to you to make something out of it!

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