Nothing beats the feeling of the wind whipping past your helmet and the purr of your mountain bike tires on the trail. It was my first day downhill mountain biking and my first day on my new all Mountain Kona bike. I was super excited with anticipation to experience Evolution Bike Park in Crested Butte, Colorado.

So my biggest EPIC fail happened immediately. Before I could even ride I had to conquer getting my bike onto the lift. I entered the line and looked frighteningly at the contraption I am suppose to put my bike onto. I knew this was not going to go well because I am a klutz. So I nervously inch my bike towards the bike holder on the back of the lift chair, I am struggling to get the tires in the right spots as the chair is swiftly moving away from the platform. My brand new bike is swaying in the bike holder about to come off when the attendant leaps forward and secures it into place as he jumps off the platform. OMG how embarrassing but crisis averted, my new bike did not crash off the lift. I was ecstatic that getting off the lift was a breeze as the attendants had my bike waiting for me when I get off. Who knew that would be the most challenging part of my day.

We both made it to the top with our bikes. Everyone told us to start with the green trail called HOTDOGGER. This is the best downhill green trail we have ridden in Colorado. The trail was a blast. We both loved it and rode it numerous times as each time was more fun then the previous one. It was fast, flowy, and filled with great berms. It is so good even the advanced bikers want to ride this trail.

After we got our feet wet we decided to put our big girl panties on and try a blue trail. The first one we tried was Luge. This trail kept us on your toes the whole time with tight twisty turns and loose rock. We made sure the dropper seat was down and our body was in the attack position as we flew down the mountain through the woods and meadows.

The next trail we tried, Frequency became our favorite intermediate trail. This trail is not for the faint of heart. This excitingly intense trail was action packed. It had wooden features, huge berms, fast and steep down hills, and some technical rocky sections to keep us fired-up and on our game. We loved the challenging and exhilarating downhill.

We had to try all the intermediate trails so Five Way to Teaser was the next adventure. To get to Five Way you have to ride Luge. As Five Way is a connector trail from Luge to Teaser. Teaser is a new progressive trail that is Awesome! This trail has humongous berms and tabletops that took us screaming down the mountain giving us both quite the adrenaline rush. After we came off our high we soared down the mountain on the flowy lower awakening and the tight twisty downtime trail back to the chair lift.

Just to change things up we decided to do a cross country trail from the top. We did Primer to Meander to Lower Meander down the road and back to Mount Crested Butte. This ride has us meander through wildflowers, trees, and open meadows with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. This trail is not downhill only. It has uphill sections and some are short and steep. We enjoyed the views and peacefulness of the ride, however if you are only on the mountain for 1 day I would skip this trail and stick with the downhill only trails.

Evolution Bike Park Crested Butte

The FUN at Mt Crested Butte does not stop at Mountain Biking. At the top of the Red Lady Express is 2 disc gold courses. There is a short 9 hole course on the top and an 18 hole course that traverse down the mountain offering amazing views and challenging holes. You can either take the lift to the top of hike to the top to play. If you do not have discs don’t worry Crested Butte has discs you can rent. We would carry our discs in our bike packs and play the short course between runs to give our legs a break. The 18 hole course was quite fun too and filled with the adventure of keeping an eye on your disc especially during the prime wildflower season.

After our day of Adventure we washed our bikes off with the onsite bike wash and grabbed some food and drink at one of the numerous mountainside restaurant and bars!

We loved riding downhill at Evolution Park in Crested Butte. The trails were diverse, challenging, exciting, and extremely well maintained. The all day Adventure ticket is only $43 since we had our own bikes. If you need a rental the BEST DEAL is the Evolution Coaching Package. For only $129 you get an all day adventure ticket, a 2 hour lesson, and a bike rental. Only have a few hours to ride? Go on Wednesday and Friday night from 4:30-7:00 pm you can ride and get either a soft drink or draft beer for $8.00 that is a steal. If you don’t want the adventure to end check out their festival schedule filled with bike races and free concerts. This is  why hands down it is one of Colorado’s best downhill destinations.

Evolution Bike Park
Crested Butte, CO

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