Colorado Downhill

Berms? Tabletops? Wooden features? No uphill? Does that sound like biking utopia? Then you need to go try downhill mountain biking an amazing adventure everyone should experience. However not all parks are built the same. Knowing what each park offers can be the difference between a fantastic day of riding and a white knuckled, fear induced day of no fun at all. We’ll outline the pros and cons of Colorado Downhill Parks you must visit!

Evolution Bike Park

Located in Crested Butte this awesome mountain gets our best beginner rider vote. Don’t let that fool you this mountain is for everyone with crazy technical trails to challenge even the best riders. The green trail, “Hotdogger” was the best beginner trail we rode at all the parks. Hotdogger is fast and flowy with berms and the ability for lots of speed. This trail is so good even the advanced riders love to shred it. Once you hit this trail once or twice move over to some of the awesome Blue trails. Teaser is for the rider that wants super smooth 6’ high berms with table tops and lots of speed and Frequency is for the riders that wants a little more technical features and rough riding. The black trails here can be full on with steep drops and technical features like Psycho Rocks! Creased Butte is an all around awesome park for any rider. Butte 66 has an awesome patio with amazing views of the mountain for lunch or that after ride beverage!

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Granby Ranch

Granby Ranch is a smaller downhill park located near Winter Park. Don’t lets its size fool you though this place is worth the visit. How does $26 all day lift passes and no lift lines sound? Fantastic right? You’re not going to find the super smooth trails of other places here but you will find lots of technical riding to keep you focused on the trail ahead. You will need a solid full suspension bike here with a good amount of travel to keep you from bouncing off the trail as you blast through fun feature after fun feature. If you love downhill mountain bike riding and a great deal Granby Ranch is the perfect place to play. Don’t miss their awesome food and Happy Hour specials either!

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Trestle Bike Park

Welcome to Mountain Bike Capital USA. Trestle Bike Park has something for everyone and is very popular due to its extremely smooth trails. The park is absolutely fantastic so it gets very crowded on the weekends. Lines will be 20-30 minutes to get a lift ticket and you might experience lots of riders on popular trails. Don’t get me wrong I love this park, just try to go on the weekdays to maximize your ride time and nirvana. One of their most popular trails is Rainmaker which is a super fast table top jump line, go fast on this one of don’t go at all. Green World to Free Speech is a great run that doesn’t see much use on weekends compared to Rainmaker and Longs, start out with these thrilling trails and get a feel for the park then explore the rest of the mountain. Trestle Bike Park is located in the Winter Park Village so there are daily food and drink specials at several base area restaurants and taverns to refuel and hydrate after a day on the mountain.

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Welcome advanced riders! This mountain is not for the faint of heart or endurance. Most of the trails here are Black Diamonds and Double Black Diamonds and rightfully so. With trail lengths of twice that of the other mountains you will need to have a full on downhill bike and the ability to ride it at top level performance. We tried our all mountain bikes here with 5.5” inches of travel and got beat and scared to death. They worked just fine on all the other mountains but Keystone is a different animal. They do have a green and a blue trail but that’s doesn’t mean they are easy. I think the green trail clocked in at 7 miles of rough downhill riding. If you love old school rough and technical downhill trails this park is your place to ride.

Colorado Downhill is amazing and fun for all rider levels if you know where to go. It will also build your muscles and skills. Don’t be fooled by the lift factor, Riding downhill isn’t as easy as you think. It’s an muscle burning, smile granting, day of epic fun……..GET SOME!

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