The Midwest is bursting with downhill Parks, most located in the amazing state of Colorado. You have several large resorts hiring top bike park building companies to create sick trails and some smaller resorts that charge less but are still getting the job done when it comes to fun.

Colorado is one of the best Places for Downhill Mountain biking!

Evolution Bike Park
Crested Butte, Co

We’ve been to Evolution @ Crested Butte a few times and it never disappoints! It’s not only fun to see your skills grow as you come back to the same park but also see the park grow and rebuild trails showing their commitment to the sport. Whether this is your first time down a mountain or your an expert at shredding the GNAR Evolution @ Crested Butte has something for everyone. Quality and Quantity, I can’t wait to go back in 2018 and ride again!

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Snowmass Bike Park
Aspen, CO

Snowmass has started with quality over quantity and they hit a homerun with their approach. We almost didn’t ride here when we saw they only had 4 trails. Then after a closer look and noticing Gravity Logic built their trails we couldn’t pass up a visit. Viking is their intermediate trail and Valhalla is their advanced trail but both are ready to shred for an intermediate rider. Valhalla actually flows better and has bigger features you can send or simply ride over keeping your tires on the ground. We gave this parka “Good to Go” Rating because they only have the handful of trails. Schedule a weekend here a few times a year and you won’t be disappointed. In a few years this place will be a Downhill Destination!

Trestle Bike Park
Winter Park, CO

Known as “Bike Park USA” This place is the gold standard which most other bike parks measure themselves. We thought they had a ton of trails last year when we visited but were surprised that they added at least 2 new trails since we were gone! The intermediate rider will have plenty of trails to choose from ranging from Flow to Tech with Blue/Black trails as step up to the harder stuff. This bike park is so big they operate 3 lifts to access all the trails! Put Trestle Bike Park on your short list of places to ride.

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Granby Ranch
Granby, CO

Granby Ranch is located just 30 minutes from Trestle Bike Park but offers a completely different experience. This place is for those riders that like it rough and technical. They’ve have a smoother trail called “Silky Johnson” but most of there trails require a solid fork and a rider that can take what the trail dishes out. Some of their Blue Trails offer Harder/Easier Lines so you can push the limits when feeling right!

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Steamboat Bike Park
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Steamboat is a TON OF FUN but be prepared for some long runs. This place is like one mountain stacked on top of the other. It will take you 3-4 different trails just to get to the bottom. After a long and relaxing Gondola ride to the top get ready to rip sweeping berms, smaller table tops and optional jump lines just on Upper Rustler’s Ridge! There’s a few more intermediate choices from the mid mountain area to the bottom. Most of the trails at this place are made for speed!

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