The Scrubba Bag

The Scrubba Bag is an awesome little invention. While it won’t do a whole load of laundry, not quickly anyways, it will keep your gear and clothes freshened up. This bag will wash a few outfits per load and it is compact and lightweight.

Some quick thoughts and uses for this bag are.

  • Multi-day trail hikes of several days
        Instead of packing 3 pairs of socks, a few shirts and shorts just throw this in your bag with just a bit of biodegradable detergent. Every few days when at a stream throw in some water and clean up those stinky hiking clothes and keep going. To properly dispose of the water dig a hole 200 feet away from other water sources and pour your wastewater in it. Putting it in a hole lets the soil act as a filter.
  •     If you’re a biker you know your kit can get dirty really quick and if you’re anywhere with humidity it will be soaked in no time. Toss your kit in this after your ride, give it a quick wash and hang it up so it’s ready to go for the next day. 
  • Van Living / Traveling
        This is probably not the intended use of the product but it definitely works for traveling. When traveling you’re going to find yourself a long way from a laundry at times and if you need a few things cleaned the Scrubba Bag is perfect.  Wash a few things, or more if you like, hang them out to dry on your day off in the woods, the desert, or a long road trip (might be better to hang them inside while driving).


If it’s really humid you will want to wash it when there is sun to dry things or plan on a full day to dry. Don’t wash something at 7pm expecting it to be dry in the morning, unless you’re in the desert!


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