What A Headache !

Now I worked in the auto industry for 10 years so getting a good deal was easy as I knew what to do, how to ask for it etc. What was a pain was finding what I wanted. I worked for Toyota for years and half their vehicles came in from overseas and we could still get what we needed/wanted pretty easy. I assumed it would be the same, NOPE! I guess I could have waited 4 months to have it custom ordered but time wasn’t on my side in that regard.

I learned that Mercedes is not the only line that carries Sprinter. Freightliner is the original Sprinter line. Daimler is the parent company and the Sprinter is carried by Freightliner and Mercedes. It use to be carried by Dodge as well but Daimler decided to give them the boot after filing bankruptcy twice. Freightliner was the original Sprinter manufacturer but most people have never heard of this brand as it is a commercial vehicle company. Daimler put the Sprinter in the Mercedes line for more exposure to the public. Both websites look exactly the same and the pricing is within $100 MSRP for both units. the Mercedes badging is a few dollars more. The options are all exactly the same as well. You can even buy Mercedes emblems and put them on the freightliner if you wanted to …….but why would you want to. A Freightliner is bad-ass……… a Mercedes is look at me in my sporty car, can you wipe my ass for me I don’t know how, lol. I’m glad I ended up with the Freightliner !!!!

WARNING: Make sure if you are financing the vehicle that the bank you are using accepts Freightliner. All the rates you see advertised are for personal vehicle loans. My credit union was offering .9% but their computer system is so outdated they couldn’t offer me a loan on the van. If it said Mercedes it would have been no problem. I tried to explain to them that Daimler owned both companies and that the vehicles were exactly the same. Our society is so dependent on technology that no one can think for themselves and make an intelligent decision. I spoke to the branch manager and she basically said no one could get their heads out of their ass to think for themselves. The dealership offered a loan but they wanted to mark up the loan, charge a loan fee and have a prepayment penalty. I paid cash! This is not an option for everyone which is why mention the loan process here. I bought the Freightliner because it has the closest options I wanted. There was nothing available close to what I wanted from the Mercedes dealers. This is in the Atlanta area. I learned after buying mine from some other owners that the dealers on the west coast, Oregon and Washington carry build outs suited for adventure people vs just contractors. Here on the east coast none of the dealers had even heard of building them into an RV. I was like “Are you kidding me?” So keep in mind your local dealers order build outs that THEY think are popular.

Some options are cheaper from the manufacturer and some are cheaper after market as well so keep that in mind.

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