Tactical L.E.D. Pen

I was contact by the company “Survival Hax” and asked if I would like to check out their new Tactical L.E.D. Pen and do a review on it. It sounded pretty cool so I said sure but I’m headed to New Zealand for 3 months so you need to get it to me quickly. A few days later I received my New Toy. I took it out and was like “This is pretty cool” and then promptly packed into into my gear case for New Zealand.

What Does This Thing Do?

Packed into what appears to just be a fat ballpoint pen is a:

  • Pen
  • L.E.D. Light
  • Knife
  • Glass Breaker
  • Clip to hold it to your pocket?


Practical Uses

While in New Zealand I pulled this thing out of our gear pile a few times and said to myself, “I need to check this thing out and do a review”. I thought about it for a minute or so and then just chucked it back into my gear box. I couldn’t think of anything to use it for that I didn’t have a better option. My headlamps were much larger and brighter, I had no use for a pen with my phone to take notes on and I wasn’t planning on cutting anything or breaking a window.

I then thought about it again when packing up to head back to the states. I had carried this thing around New Zealand for 3 months and never had a use for it. I sat on the bed looking at it thinking who could make use out of all these things.


Then It Came to Me

A car thief would love this thing! They could write a list of what they needed with the PEN. Use the LIGHT to see while sneaking around. Use the GLASS BREAKER to get into a vehicle and then have the handy KNIFE in case someone tried to stop them. All in this little tiny package!

In all honesty this isn’t something you’re going to use day in and day out. It’s there for when you find yourself in a tight spot and need an answer, maybe you dropped your car keys in the tall grass at night next to the car or this amazingly hot girl walks up and offers you her # and need a pen.┬áIt’s one of those things though you would have to just put somewhere for “if/when” you need it. The light is really bright, the glass breaker is also a Kubotan for self defense and you never know when you’re going to need a pen. We’re putting ours in the glovebox next to the other multi-tool we have for stealing, I mean fixing things.

Check out Survival Hax for this and other interesting items

you never knew existed

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