Vector Wero Whitewater Park

Whether your an experienced whitewater paddler or looking for your first taste of splashy fun the new Vector Wero Whitewater Park in Auckland has you covered. Choose from the MILD Grade 2-3 Channel or the WILD Grade 3-4 Channel. If this isn’t enough for you adventure junkies then add on the PUMP WATERFALL!

Mild – Tamariki River

This course is a great start for kids or those not  ready for the big stuff. This course is also a great place for kayakers to learn basic skills and train in a safe environment before hitting the big stuff. Don’t think this channel is boring though. We watched 2 people fall out of a raft surfing on the “Beginner Course”!

Wild – River Rush

If you have been rafting before or are a solid grade 3 kayaker then book a time slot on the River Rush Course and hang on! One thing you will notice right away is that the eddies aren’t calm pools that you get to rest in. The waves and holes get bigger and bigger as the pace of the river picks up. Add in a 1 meter and 2 meter drop and the action just keeps going! My first lap down I watched multiple kayakers flip and a few swim. This course is fun, challenging, and exciting.

Pump Waterfall

I have been rafting for 20+ years and kayaking for over 7 and I have never seen a man made commercial waterfall. This thing is CRAZY AWESOME! I have been rafting over some Grade V waterfalls but they were nowhere close to this steep. This drop is longer than the raft and almost vertical. When you go over the edge you better hang on!  I ran the drop twice in a kayak, once successfully. I should have quite when I was ahead and then once in a raft. This drop is NO JOKE!


You don’t need anything but a swimsuit and a smile. Everything else is provided, even shoes. Kayakers can bring some of their own gear or rent from the park. They even had showers.

770 Great South Rd
Wiri, Auckland 2104
09-976 7777


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