The Hammer & ANVL – A Lethal Combination

Flat pedals are becoming more popular then ever. As a rider who constantly travels to new trails and hardly ever shreds the same ones, flats have become my pedal choice. In choosing a flat pedal there has to be the perfect balance between too little, enough, and too much grip. Having the right footwear is a key component to the grip of your flats pedals  I choose 5.10 free riders as my shoe. So what is my favorite flat pedal?

Until recently I thought no pedal could rival the DMR vault. This flat pedal came in the color I wanted and had great grip whether I was shredding downhill or climbing. Then I was offered a pair of Anvyl pedals. I was honest and told them I had DMR vaults I loved, but I would be willing to give them a shot. I admit I was not expecting to like these pedals because according to the internet I was already riding on the #1 flat pedal. So when our new Transition Patrols arrived in NorthCarolina with the anvyl pedals I was instantly curious to try them out. That was after I got done drooling over my new bike! Yes love my new bike!!!

The anvyl pedal blew my mind. The grip was so much more than I ever expected.

The relationship of my shoe to the pedal was like peanut butter and jelly. It was the perfect combo complimenting each other without being overwhelming. I have since ridden on these pedals 8 times at Dupont, Coldwater, Blankets, and Allatoona. Whether is was a big grinding climb, technical terrain, or a screaming downhill my feet held fast to the pedals never wavering my confidence or balance. On big uphills I can lift my heels as to use my big old hamstrings and give my quads a break. These pedals give me the pedaling confidence of being clipped in with the extreme ease of stepping off when needed. Memorial day starts our downhill mountain bike park tour and I am glad these pedals will be under my feet.

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