Adding Insulation & Sound Deadening to the Sprinter

NOTE:  This is the most important stage of building the van.  If you are going to cut corners on something make sure this is NOT the area.  The wrong insulation can mold and make you sick or worse.  Sitting in an oven is no fun either.  Do your homework here and do this step RIGHT!

I ordered the van without any interior stuff other than the wood floor.  The floors these come with is really tough and durable so it should work for most uses.

We started with the floor by ripping it out!  We used it to make templates for the other materials to go underneath it. We put down a reflective barrier, foam insulation and sound deadening board.  Then we put the floor back on top.  1st trip to the hardware store to by longer bolts.  I have no idea how many trips I made to the hardware store but you will make a TON!  We had to drill in some extra bolts as well to level the floor as it wanted to bow from all the layers of material we had in.

We put a radiant barrier of Reflectix against the outer wall of the van and then covered this with Roxul insulation. Roxul is a wool that won’t mildew, is fire proof, water doesn’t hurt it, etc.  In some areas like the roof we had to peal some of it off as it was too thick. We then used like 30 cans of spray foam in the corners and areas we couldn’t get the Roxul like the ribbing on the van.  The last step was we covered it with a final radiant barrier of reflectix and taped all the seams. The first layer of reflectix barrier was piecemeal to fit into the indentations between the ribbing. This layer was the “Seal”.

We used left over Reflectix to make the front window shades!

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