Keystone Family Lesson Package 

Keystone Ski Resort understands the meaning of family and value! Why put your kids in ski school when you can have your entire family in a ski or snowboard class together? Vacation means quality time with friends and family. In today’s hectic world of traffic, working, and responsibilities our vacation time becomes invaluable! What better way to spend that time than with a Keystone Family Private Full Day Lesson. 

Ski or Snowboard

It doesn’t matter if you ski or snowboard Keystone has your family covered! Their group lessons includes you and up to 5 of your friends or family. This tailored lesson cover abilities level 1 where you’re just learning the basics to level 9 where you’re dropping remote backcountry chutes or learning 360’s in the terrain park. A pro who specializes in working with whole families will make the most of your mountain time together.

Love Your Mountain Adventure

A Family Private Lesson at Keystone offers you the ability to come back year after year for an unbeatable family experience. You can learn to ski or board as a family and maximize your mountain time  by sailing ahead in the ski school line. Learning and progressing as a family year after year while having fun creates lasting memories.

Basics are Key”Stone” to Family Fun

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been skiing or snowboaring for years you can always learn something to improve your ability and level of fun. Kelly learned an invaluable skill of side slipping which allows her to tackle harder terrain or keep her composure when confronted by unexpected adverse conditions. I learned how to get off the lift even though I’m a level 7 boarder, sometimes you forget the easiest things. On top of that I practiced body separation in moguls and tree runs for the complete lesson of fixing the basics and improving on advanced skills to keep your family HAVING FUN TOGETHER!

This Allows Kelly to follow me on those exploratory runs of seeing what the mountain offers while giving her the security that I won’t knock her over while getting off the lift, sometimes it’s the small things that matter in life. 


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