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Quality Trails

There’s more to a quality bike park than a few guys with shovels making a path down the mountain. At Crested Butte they know what they’re doing and they do it well.


Having one or two good trails is nice but having a mountain full of options is even better!


Fast & Flowy with Jump lines? Rock Gardens & Technical Features? The Answer is YES! This park has small, medium and large features for all skill levels.

Something for Everyone

Whether your new to downhill and sailing down the smooth and flowy Hotdogger or leaving all inhibition behind and shredding Captain Jack down the mountain this park caters to all skill levels.

Watch Your Skills Grow

It’s one thing to go have fun for a weekend but it’s another to see your skill level grow and have that feeling of accomplishment. Crested Butte is designed for you to get better at riding and have fun.

Complete Package

The Evolution Bike Park @ Crested Butte is the Complete Package when it comes to Downhill Mountain biking. Get Some!

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