The Good, the Bad and the…..lessons learned.  Quiting our jobs and selling everything we own to  start a blog and travel led to months of exciting adventures and never ending discovery. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t trade any of our past years adventures for the world, but I did learn a ton about living on the road, sometimes the hard way.

The Good

  • Traveling with my wife and best friend
  • Kayaking in Colorado & Oregon
    The Arkansas River is just amazing
  • Mountain Biking in North Carolina, Colorado, Utah, California, Oregon, Georgia, Alabama & Florida
    There are so many unbelievable trails out there. 18 Road, Lake Tahoe, Alsea Falls, Alafia, Sandy Ridge, Bend Oregon, Kerr Scott Reservoir and the list goes on and on.
  • Hiking & Backpacking out West
    The Lost Coast Trail along the Pacific Ocean, The Virgin Narrows and Angels Landing in Zion National Park, Hiking through the 2,000 year old Sequoia Trees in California,  Rocky Mountain N.P., Yosemite and the list goes on as well.
  • Sand-Boarding in Oregon and exploring Little Wild Horse Canyon
  • We put up almost 300 posts
  • We had about 200,000 hits on our site
  • We reached 155 countries
  • Meeting new people and visiting friends
  • We designed and built our Adventure Sprinter Van

The Bad

  • Rushing and not staying in one spot for longer than a few days
  • Rebuilding our website twice
  • Driving for countess hours across nothing (The country is bigger than you think)
  • Working more than I did when I owned my own business and making nothing, monetarily that is. We tried to blog about everything and over categorize stuff and because we rushed around so much we were writing every day about something, maybe 3 things a day.
  • Kelly’s first flat tire (Sprinter)
  • Bending 2 bike rims
  • Injuries that changed our travel plans
  • We did not complete Travel Blog Success before we started our blog creating a lot of double work
  • Not making reservations for camping, so we missed most of Yosemite and other great  places
  • Our water hose cracked and had to be replaced


The Lessons Learned 

  • SLOW DOWN. We were so exited to leave our old life behind and see “EVERYTHING” that we went way to fast.  We saw a lot but were always on the move and not relaxing. We just got in the Sprinter and drove figuring out each week as we went. Our new routine is to plan things out for the upcoming season. We’re planning Spring now during the winter. Not everyday mind you but the bigger events and overall structure.
  • Plan Quality posts (information) over quantity of short posts.  We are focusing on destinations and writing how to guides for our readers. Quality content and building an audience is key.
  • National Park campgrounds are 100% full every day over the summer, so make camping reservations.
  • It snows very early in Colorado and the mountain pass can require snow chains and tires in October.  We got very lucky and made it through the day before it closed.
  • The Van is actually quite comfy and not to small for two people to live in. Read how we do it.
  • Good Flats pedals on a mountain are better than Cheap clip-ins when you are learning. Our skills have improved a ton in a short period of time after switching to flats.
  • Florida has really good mountain biking.  No really check out or posts!
  • It gets down to about 60 degrees in places out west in September and that’s pretty chilly to be showering outside behind the van. So shower before the sun goes down.
  • We need a better heating system for colder temps (40’s and below for extended periods of time)
  • A travel blog is hard work and takes lots of time, money, and learning.
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